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Looking after your dog grooming blades

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Maintaining your Blades is vital to there longevity and quality of finish with your grooming. We all had training and a key part was "to maintain our equipment". But after a hard days work it is easy to leave the cleaning and oiling till the next day, which yes in the real world I have also done this after a hard day in the parlour.

If we look at all the manufactures advice, Andis, Master clip, Heiniger, Oster, Aesculap or Wahl the are mostly the same. Clean and oil the blades regularly

What's the best way to look after your Blades?

What do we need?

  • A soft bristle brush such as a toothbrush works well.

  • A small bowl

  • Blade washing solution

  • Blade oil

Brush the blades

Using the brush ( an old toothbrush works great) wipe the blades as thoroughly as you can to get all of the excess hair from the blades. We have the Dezyadog Gizmos blasters, which I find great for blasting most of the hair off the blades. Be as thorough as you possibly can. Getting the hair off will help keep your blade wash cleaner.

Use a good blade wash solution

Using a blade wash solution will clean the sticky residue left from the oils and blade sprays you have used during the day. There are plenty of brands available. You may hear some groomers complain they turn your blades rusty. We have always used them in our parlours and have certainly helped with maintaining the quality of our blades without rusting them. The important thing is to wipe them down after using the blade wash. We always blow them down with the blaster,(it's fast and effective at drying them).

If you haven’t got a blade wash then they’re relatively cheap to buy or you could use a Tupperware tub with a lid that way it will last longer without evaporating. We recommend pouring enough blade wash into a small tub so that the blades (still attached to the clipper) can be completely submerged but the solution does not get anywhere else.

run the clippers for around 10 seconds. Remove them from the clipper and dry them

Oil the blades

Once completely dry, it’s time to lubricate the blades with proper blade oil before returning to its box. Only apply a light amount throughout and follow any guidelines states in the manufacturer’s guidebook. During use, it is recommended to oil the blades every 20 minutes or so. Over the years we've used many brands/types of oils and sprays, most do a decent job. We find Andis Clipper 5 in 1 care is great, it doesn't leave an oily film on the blades and yep it helps to keep the blades cooler. If you decide to try it, I would only recommend the "spray can" and not the Spray pump. We found the spray pump fluid tends to leave an oily film on the blades which transfer to the coat when you use it.

Useful links to my suggestion's.

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Groomers Clipper Blade Wash Caddie - Buy Now |Groomers, UK (

Groomers Clipper Blade Wash - 500ml - Shop Now |Groomers, UK (

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