Dog and Horse clipper blades

Clipper-Balde-Sharpening-machine used at Sharp right

As part of our professional sharpening service here at Sharpening services Somerset we use industry-leading equipment with all our Sharpening services and Clipper blades are no exception. The Nebraska Blade system is the very best option for the job. Designed and manufactured in America, restoring blades to their original condition without the risk of over-sharpening and rapid loss of blade thickness. It is a precision flat hollow grinding machine with a 16” plate. After sharpening the blades are realigned and the tension is reset to the precise factory specification tolerances.

What will happen to your blades when we recieve them 

  • Inspected
    Blades are inspected for breaks, corrosion and wear and then stripped down

  • Cleaned
    Loose dirt and rust is removed

  • Sharpened
    Blades are sharpened using the most appropriate method

  • Solvent Cleaned
    Blades are cleaned with solvent to remove any remaining ingrained dirt

  • Re-Tensioned & Assembled
    The tension is re-set and blades re-assembled

  • Tested
    Blades are tested on synthetic furr to ensure they clip efficiently

  • Finally Cleaned, Inspected & Packed
    Blades have a final clean, are inspected and packed.

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