Scissor Sharpening

Scissor sharpening is an expertise that takes time and patience to master.
We Cater for a large number of trades; hairdressers, veterinarians, dog and pet groomers, garment makers and decorators and also sharpen domestic use scissors.
At Sharp Right, we pride ourselves on the skills and knowledge that we have acquired to efficiently sharpen your scissor blades.
Our workshop is equipped with a number of Sharpening systems each designed to allow us to sharpen scissors appropriately depending on the manufacture's specifications. We can sharpen left and right-handed scissors, we sharpen bevelled, micro-serrated, thinners, curved and convex edged scissors. 

For our workhorse scissor sharpening, we use the Ookami Gold Professional Scissor sharpener. This scissors sharpening system allows us to sharpen a full range of shears from the high-end salon shears for stylists to the low-end barber and beauty scissors as well as other industrial, fabric, and sewing scissors.
The sharpener can make your scissors 2 to 6 times sharper than new!


 We use the Hira-to Flat hone Sharpening system which allows us to precisely set angles from 20 to 65 degrees. 

The Hira-To® is designed to sharpen and convex beauty, barber, and grooming scissors. It is easier, faster, and more precise when sharpening convex scissors than traditional systems.


The Corru-Gator  enables us to apply micro-serrations to your scissors if required. Shears that are already serrated will be sharpened and have fresh serrations applied.