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Our Sharpening Services 

Certified professional sharpening services across the UK

Knife Sharpening

Our Sharpening service for knives is always done by hand, paying attention to the correct angles we need to apply to different types of knives using some of the world’s leading water cooled Diamond, CBN  and belt sharpening systems once satisfied with the quality, we will polish and hone your knives with precision to ensure the knife is “Sharper than New”

Scissor And Shears

Scissor sharpening is an expertise that takes time and patience to master.
We Cater for a large number of trades; hairdressers, veterinarians, dog and pet groomers, garment makers and domestic.
We pride ourselves on the skills and knowledge that we have acquired to efficiently sharpen your scissor blades.
Our workshop is equipped with a number of Sharpening systems each designed to allow us to sharpen scissors appropriately to the manufacture's specifications. We sharpen left and right-handed,bevelled, micro-serrated, thinners, curved and convex scissors. 

Garden and DIY tool Sharpening

To keep this service cost-effective, it is best to use our pick up and drop service due to higher delivery costs. We will agree to the delivery service but with an agreed postage cost to you on top.

Using some of the best sharpening equipment available we offer a complete sharpening service for most Garden tools. In many cases, your tools will be sharper than New at a very competitive price.

As part of our professional sharpening service here at Sharpening services Somerset we use industry-leading equipment with all our Sharpening services and Clipper blades are no exception. The Nebraska Blade system is the very best option for the job. Designed and manufactured in America, restoring blades to their original condition without the risk of over-sharpening and rapid loss of blade thickness. It is a precision flat hollow grinding machine with a 16” plate. After sharpening the blades are realigned and the tension is reset to the precise factory specification tolerances.

Clipper Blade Sharpening